On the right of self-determination, the Sudan Liberation Movement:

Suddenly emerged and perhaps for the first time (to my knowledge) the Arab Baath Socialist Party to cast his opinion on the subject of Darfur after the silence lasted for more than a decade, but it did not surprise us, unfortunately, “to utter disbelief” as they say.

Baath party did not utter his opinion and did not explain the duration of murder and tossing aviation, displacement and displacementAnd asylum, rape and the burning and looting “official” and all forms of genocide suffered by the people of Darfur throughout this Afattrh..lm denouncing the party or denouncing and not condemning and not protesting against the laws of children and not to the screams of the bereaved word solidarity one and like being stalked and suddenly it appeared now to send a self-mixing the facts desires and Amani Clip Islamic false patient and purpose in order to jamming signals. And about this and in my capacity as officials of the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Commander Minawi I wish to clarify the following:

First: the order is not strange that the party comes (the Baath Arab Socialist Party) originally rejecting such a position or to the principle of the idea of “the right to self” determination because the nature of the party’s ideology and slogans and platforms is against this principle and originally was or branches. What to expect from the party stems from the thought of a totalitarian and autocratic and authoritarian sacred based on the slogan (One Arab nation with an eternal message).
Of course the witness that the party did not bother to look into the causes of what has suffered from the thunderous collapse that hit the staff of the patterns of the regulations which was built by “Nail Drill” in Iraq, Syria and perhaps Alemen..o If only she and the collapse of the Baathist regimes, but the collapse of the whole is not any other reason and countries but only (and I repeat only) because this is not the UN as it was and still nest in the imagination of the Baath and not as people tried to unify the Baath machete and Alcirbej and chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria to end Soa..hzh peoples and nations and communities can be assembled what was cruelty and domination which is the attitude of the Baath. And his religion .. They (Arabs and Kurds and the Turks and Armenians, Druze, pharaohs and barbarians and Africans and Shiites and years and … etc) and does not know is the multiplicity of his Baath party concerned and not ready to deal with it. And when I started flying and Tencti this diversity of Baath stop the Baath system fist in front of tragic scene stunned and became looking for excuses collapse, but as usual away from the real reasons and became distributes blame on “US imperialism sometimes and international Zionism sometimes and Christian crusade at other times . Do you want to know the real reasons O “of the Baath Arab Socialist Party”? or O-led invasion?
This is the dispossession of the peoples of their right to exercise “self-determination”. check the aspirations of the peoples and their aspirations and their legitimate rights by choice and the free exercise and this is called in political literature humanitarian principle of “self-determination” and is a sacred right and the eternal and sacred .. that prompted the organization of “Daash” This type of exercise crying on the ruins are now on the scene is the price of “Kfranh” on the principle of the right of self and deprived peoples of practice. Sudan and more versatile and varied and diverse than Syria, Iraq, and we are entitled to all of us as peoples Sudanese (after all this subsidized and costly Dfnaha) that we exercise our right to determine our destiny or destinies even temper ourselves another costly.

Second, it did not learn of the Baath Party (as it seems) that the political slogans in Sudan has changed completely and forever. All covenants and agreements and literature (Naivasha and Abuja and the Middle agreement and the Cairo Agreement) has proven principles and following gains and that can not undo them, but must be developed continuously:
(1) – the principle of voluntary unity (including means selected voluntarily and free will of ( and the antithesis of the compulsive or coercive).
(2) – the principle of participation in power (the antithesis of monopoly or hegemony).
(3) – equitable distribution of wealth principle (the antithesis of deprivation)
(4) – the principle of comprehensive security arrangements (so as to maintain what has been agreed people voluntarily )
(5) – the principle of equal citizenship (not limited to the Arab and not to follow the timeless message preached by the Baath)
These are not slogans Sudan policy in the sixties or seventies or eighties century Almadi..hzh slogans born out of the midst of the struggle and aided by strong inaugurated disadvantaged margin and strong democracy in the enlightened Allost..o are certainly does not look like slogans and principles of the Baath party or “race.”
I have to pay attention to the Baath Party and knows very well that the sun of freedom in Sudan has DNA sunrise and darkness Sudan may be folded and thus quote program the forces of change to the so-called “New Dawn”. This is a nutritious and Almni..o This is all based on a voluntary unity really means to fill the mouth exercise free will ..

Third, there is no longer sacred or taboo from now on and that the adoption of the principle of “voluntary unity” means in short there was not “forced unity” at all, and what is left of the political forces and of holders of its ideas are on the brink of death and reeling Chalskary and can not revived by “O self,” which circumvent its children in the Sudanese countryside in Samarhm and their fun to Hristio the bird is in the outskirts or in the throes of death after it is caught.
Yes the idea of voluntary unity means (100%) Thidid nature of unity through compromise and not by coercion. And if Tezr peaceful coexistence is the remaining option of secession and separatism but also not to be coercion, but the will of the people of respondents. And is the means of democracy recognized in all codes of civilized nations and Mntmath and in the forefront of the United Nations.

Fourth: the Sudan Liberation Movement did not raise the secession of Darfur and not its leader Minawi and gossip but which will still be said is that the people of Darfur exercised his right to “holy” in defining its relationship with the center (Bakaoua or break) .. and this is not Banhzamah and not a political offense and vice versa that is tolerated and cunning crime in itself. Avsaha and ordered by the liberation movement is a crime and vice versa courage and initiative is not buried the heads in the sand and does not make Bmhezwm Liberation Movement and its leader, and not the defeated but he who denies the natural rights on himself. As Minawi that this right is guaranteed Ali said all Sudanese peoples in the east to the west and is in the far north to the south in Halfa in the Nuba Mountains and Inqasna ..

Fifth: Ba’ath Party tried to work to distort the facts and trying to poison and knock sponge and is a stunt intellectual incapable based on misinformation on the way “trunk dealers policy” to based on the “stealth” when, for example, says that the Movement of Justice and Equality is not with the right of the report. . What should be the Baath party knew of the facts is that the Justice and Equality Movement signed a document “declaration of principles” for a peace deal Darfur (Abuja) and at the core of the Declaration of Principles that tops the theme of “voluntary unity” and written in bold Aeryd..azn Why resort to the style of the old political literature of fraud and deception and Altkoech and hen. Here comes the central question, then, is in and why fighting movement, such as the Movement for Justice and Equality for the Advancement of Artala of the martyrs and the wounded and all cost and fatigue if they do not prove the Sudanese people the right to choose the method and its unity through free choice and the will which is not the dictates ??? .

Sixth: In stark contrast to what went to him in advance of the Baath Party retreated backwards to acknowledge the letter “that the other possibility, which contained the right to self-determination is the unity option !!!! .. screamed !!! Tayyip O Baath Party and We Are we” we give instructions in Malta “As they say? What we have stated this talk of Lake Aqbil..azn why selective and insist on revenues,” and half of the verse says “Do not come near Prayer” and Takiv..qlna Lake that “the exercise of the right of self-determination” is one option to choose from among the .. other
Sudanese proverb “two thousand Btno Hrqs Braho says dance.”

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