:Cisse: calamity in Darfur tribal conflicts

Nyala, July 27, 2015 the President of the Regional Authority called for Darfur, Tijani Sese, leaders in the camps for displaced people in collaboration with the state governments to plan camps and turn them into cities

where basic services are available, and said that any country with dignity will not accept to be a habitat displaced people for 12 years, and considered the crisis Darfur, a product of the lack of “the fear of God in killin oneself and the lack of government deter”, at the time of follow- up to the Darfur Peace Office official who declined to question aspects of development projects in the disbursement of funds and the region said they are banks.
Tijani Sisi
Said Cisse, who arrived in Nyala, capital of South Darfur, on Monday, in a meeting Enlightened Leadership there, That the extension of the state’s prestige in the region is the entrance to the maintenance of security and stressed the inevitability of political will to strip citizens of arms and place it in the hands of regular forces and the forces are more groups that carry arms with a road map to remove it.

He added: (our loss in the Darfur tribal conflicts and lack of fear of God in the murder of the soul and the lack of government deters)


He said that tribal clashes fueled polarization Darfur tribal leaders and intellectuals beside the presence of war Dealers, demanding to go beyond the polarization and distance from the conflict over land ownership


He revealed Cisse for a conference for social ladder, each people of Darfur to preserve the lives of citizens and to stop the tribal wars which he described Balabuthaih along with an end to the challenges – paying for the killing of Psychology, saying they have become the biggest catalyst for the killing and devastating the economy.

“The billions of pounds paid to the challenges of the future reconstruction of the villages.”

For his part, he refuted the head of the Darfur Peace Follow-up Office, Amin Hassan Omar, raised accusations from some Darfurian parties, on dispelling development funds allocated to Darfur, and stressed that those amounts are banks, promised to talk about not only looted attempt intended to void.

Speaking at the meeting, the President of the Enlightenment Darfur Regional Authority in Nyala, Darfur can be an economic lever for each Sudan, given the population per block amounting to 7 million people, but he stipulated to check that left her family conflict among them.

Amin said that “the Federal Government and the political case in the country needs to reform to be geared to improving people’s lives, not reform personal status.”

He added: (Almkaadat political and discounts harm the homeland), demanding that the people of Darfur turn from war to peace and development to provide a model for the people of Sudan and considered the input of the national dialogue Darfur Dialogue – Darfur.

Tijani Sese him and to South Darfur Adam facial, certificates of receipt of the projects carried out by the regional authority mandate, in the matrix (a) and Sisi said that “what is their duty and do not deserve the thanks.”

Cisse opened the area (Ammar new) for the return of the local voluntary (Mrshenj) School of basis and other secondary next to a health center.

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