About Us

DMDar Massalit publishes news, articles, Darmesalit specific culture and information about Darfur in general.



  • Report news events from on the ground in Dar Masalit by scattered Mrusselanha about the concentration of the Masalit areas in Sudan, especially the state of West Darfur and Gedaref and the state of South Darfur (Gereida).
  • To highlight the cultural aspects of the Masalit by reversing their culture in all respects, in contrast to the cultural heritage of the people Elmessallati Ptih than others to see the culture of the Masalit.
  • To document the history of individual Masalit who find their luck in Sudanese history books proportion to the process of exile suffered by this entity of VPL Alasalamuaroba center in Khartoum.
  • To document daily human rights violations carried out by the regime in Khartoum and work to acquire the database in this area.

This site is administrated and managed by volunteers scattered around the world.


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